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PPE became born of the conviction that have a look at of the splendid modern works of monetary, social, political and philosophical concept would have a transformative impact on students’ intellectual lives, and thereby on society at large. This conviction remains as organization nowadays as it become then. As the world has developed, so has PPE. The route brings together some of the maximum important tactics to expertise the world around us, growing talents useful for a huge range of careers and sports.

PPE is a relatively flexible degree which allows you to shape your own direction through it: you may choose to concentrate onbranches on the quit of the primary year, or continue with all 3. You also can explore a extensive style of disciplines under the overarching headings of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics – as an instance, you may specialise in Sociology or International Relations by choosing the relevant Politics alternatives. 

Studying philosophy develops analytical, important, and logical rigour, permitting you to use these capabilities to deep, perplexing questions which include “what can we (without a doubt) understand?” and “why be ethical?”

In turn, the observe of politics provides a radical know-how of the effect of political establishments on modern-day societies. It lets you evaluate the choices that political systems must regularly make, to give an explanation for the tactics that hold or alternate the ones systems, and to take a look at the ideas and values used in political analysis.

Economics is the look at of how consumers, corporations and government make selections that collectively decide how sources are allotted. An appreciation of economics has end up more and more necessary to make experience of governmental coverage-making, the behavior of organizations and the massive financial alterations at some point of the world. All three branches of PPE at Oxford have an international recognition, supported through greater than 200 famend pupils. 

A ordinary week

Your weekly timetable will usually be divided between six to eight lectures andconferences, which can be both tutorials or classes, supplemented by means of personal take a look at for you to be specially spent making ready essays or hassle sets for tutorials and instructions.

Tutorials are typically two-4 students and a show. Class sizes may also range relying at the alternatives you choose. Teaching in all 3 PPE topics is commonly finished in tutorials as opposed to instructions. Where training do form part of the teaching for a paper, there would commonly be no extra than round 20 students even though instructions for some of the more famous papers can be up to 30 college students. Most tutorials, instructions, and lectures are delivered by way of team of workers who’re tutors in their concern. Many are global-main experts with years of enjoy in teaching and research. Some coaching will also be brought with the aid of postgraduate students who are typically studying at doctorate degree.

To discover extra about how our coaching 12 months is based, go to our Academic Year web page.

Course structureYEAR 1


All three branches of PPE are studied similarly:PhilosophyGeneral philosophyMoral philosophyElementary good judgmentPoliticsThe principle of politics (introductory political idea)The practice of politics (introductory comparative authorities and politics)Political evaluation (introductory empirical and quantitative techniques)EconomicsMicroeconomics: the functioning of the market economic systemMacroeconomics: handling national output and employment, exchange charges and coverage troublesMathematical strategies utilized in economics


First University examinations: three written papersYEARS 2 AND 3


Students choose to hold with all 3 branches (tripartite) or concentrate on any two (bipartite), taking compulsory courses inside the chosen branches along with optionally available courses:

PhilosophyEthicsEither Early cutting-edge philosophy or Knowledge and truth or Plato’s Republic or Aristotle’s Nicomachean EthicsPolitics (any two of these)Comparative governmentBritish politics and authorities due to the fact that 1900Theory of politicsInternational members of the familyPolitical sociologyEconomicsIf bipartite as a minimum one of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Quantitative economicsIf tripartite, at the least certainly one of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Quantitative economics and Development of the world economy for the reason that 1800Option selections in Economics depend upon having completed pre-needful courses which can be one of the guides listed above.Optional courses The elective guides to be had may additionally exchange from year to 12 months. The courses currently to be had are as follows.Philosophy: Early Modern Philosophy; Knowledge and Reality; Ethics; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Science and Social Science; Philosophy of Religion; The Philosophy of Logic and Language; Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Criticism; Medieval Philosophy: Aquinas; Medieval Philosophy: Duns Scotus, Ockham; The Philosophy of Kant; Post-Kantian Philosophy; Theory of Politics; Plato Republic; Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics; Intermediate Philosophy of Physics; Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophical Logic; Practical Ethics; The Philosophy of Wittgenstein; Plato on Knowledge, Language, & Reality in the Theaetetus & Sophist (in translation); Aristotle on Nature, Life and Mind (in translation); Knowledge and Scepticism in Hellenistic Philosophy (in translation); Jurisprudence; Thesis.Politics: Comparative Government; British Politics and Government considering 1900; Theory of Politics; Modern British Government and Politics; Government and Politics of america; Politics in Europe; Politics in Russia and the Former Soviet Union; Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa; Politics in Latin America; Politics in South Asia; Politics in the Middle East; International Relations within the Era of Two World Wars; International Relations inside the Era of the Cold War; International Relations; Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau; Political Thought: Bentham to Weber; Marx and Marxism; Sociological Theory; Political Sociology; Labour Economics and Inequality; The Government and Politics of Japan; Social Policy; Comparative Demographic Systems; Quantitative Methods in Politics and Sociology; Politics in China; The Politics of the European Union; Advanced Paper in Theories of Justice; Comparative Political Economy; Thesis.Economics: Quantitative Economics; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Behavioural and Experimental Economics; Development of the World Economy considering the fact that 1800; Econometrics; Economics of Developing Countries; Economics of Industry; Environmental Economics and Climate Change; Finance; Game Theory; International Economics; Labour Economics and Inequality; Microeconomic Analysis; Money and Banking; Public Economics; Thesis.

More facts approximately each course is inside the handbook at the path website.


Final University examinations: 8 papers, commonly assessed by way of written examination, but in a few cases through coursework. One of these 8 papers can be a thesis/supervised dissertation. 

Academic necessities A-stages:AAAAdvanced Highers:                    AA/AABIB: 39 (which includes middle factors) with 766 at HL                                                                          Or every other equal (see different UK qualifications, and global qualifications) 

Wherever possible, your grades are considered in the context in which they have been performed.  (See further facts on how we use contextual records.) 

Subject requirements Recommended: It is suggested for candidates to have studied Mathematics to A-degree, Advanced Higher, Higher Level in the IB or any other equal.*  Helpful: You may also follow for PPE having accomplished any mixture of subjects at school; it isn’t always essential to have studied Politics, Philosophy or Economics. History can offer a useful background, however isn’t crucial.

* Although a heritage in Mathematics isn’t an vital requirement for admission, it’s miles encouraged, and PPE candidates should have enough interest in, and aptitude for, mathematics to address the mathematical factors of the path. Mathematics is a particular gain for the Economics issue of the course, in addition to for the primary year logic path in philosophy, and for knowledge theories and information in politics. It is usually recommended to have learnt the basics of differentiation earlier than starting your college direction in PPE. Many a hit candidates have studied Maths to at least AS-stage, or every other equal.

You can also like to do not forget taking Maths to AS-level, or an equivalent qualification which include IB Standard Level, even in case you do now not pursue it similarly. However, we do apprehend that these qualifications might not be to be had to all students. Extra tuition can be to be had to college students that have not studied Maths A-Level who require any assistance. See PPE admissions records for statistics at the fulfillment fees for applicants applying with distinct A-degree topics.

Admissions testsTest: TSATest date:three November 2021Registration cut-off date:                   6pm 15 October 2021                                                                                                    

All applicants ought to take the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) as part of the utility. Separate registration for this take a look at is required and it is the duty of the candidate to make sure that they’re registered. We strongly advocate making the arrangements in plenty of time earlier than the cut-off date. Everything you need to recognise, which include guidance on how to prepare, can be determined on the TSA page. 

Written work

You do not need to submit any written paintings whilst you practice for this course.

What are tutors searching out?

Admissions tutors will want to find out if you could assume definitely and analytically. They are less concerned with what you realize than with how you suspect and use your expertise. They will seek proof of hobby in all three topics. For greater detail on the choice standards for this course, please see the PPE internet site.


Many PPE graduates cross on to in addition instructional examine. The careers maximum normally chosen by PPE graduates are in banking and finance, politics, journalism, broadcasting and new media, the law, political activism and campaigning, coaching, social paintings, voluntary groups and charities, accountancy, commercial enterprise control, control consultancy, advertising, college teaching and research, think tanks and consultancy, work in worldwide organizations, and the many branches of public provider.

Ella turned into dealing with director of Abel & Cole, the natural meals store. She says “I first noticed video of the Amazon rainforest burning after I was at school inside the early 1990s. From that moment, I urgently wanted to defend the natural global. I didn’t recognize how, though. PPE became priceless in supporting me apprehend how economic and political structures paintings, and how they power such harm to nature. PPE additionally gave me self assurance to evaluate solutions to these troubles, and to articulate my responses. The degree gave me credibility when I turned into beginning out, and it helped me navigate my manner to a optimistic career. I feel proud of what I carried out at Abel & Cole. I’m sorry to say that the Amazon continues to be burning, even though, and that there’s a terrific deal extra work to be accomplished.”

Rayan went directly to pupillage at a leading barristers’ chambers in London. He says “PPE advocated me, greater than anything else, to suppose severely about the social world and our vicinity in it. It taught me how to test and challenge arguments and disentangle their constituent parts. That experience has been essential to my pursuing a career as a barrister. First, because the philosophical capabilities that I obtained have verified precious in thinking about, developing, and hard prison arguments in practice. And second, because it’s helped me to constantly replicate upon the social effect of the law and its courting with political power.”


Fee statusAnnual Course charges

Home (UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands & Isle of Man)£nine,250

Overseas (together with EU)£28,370

Additional Fees and Charges Information for Philosophy, Politics and Economics

There are not any compulsory fees for this route beyond the expenses shown above and your residing fees.

Feel stimulated?

You would possibly want to study some of the subsequent resources: Thomas Nagel’s What Does it all Mean? and Jennifer Nagel’s Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction are useful introductions to Philosophy. Jonathan Wolff’s An Introduction to Political Philosophy, the Palgrave Macmillan collection Developments in British [French, German, East European, and many others.] Politics and Adrian Leftwich’s What is Politics? are properly introductory texts for Politics. The excellent advent to Economics is to read the economics and business pages of newspapers. Tim Harford’s Undercover Economist and Paul Krugman’s The Accidental Theorist are additionally encouraged.