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In your very last 12 months, you could entire a politics dissertation supervised by way of an academic. You may also pick out modules in politics and economics from the whole range of alternatives supplied with the aid of each schools.

Dissertation in Politics and International Relations

This module enables you to adopt a sustained piece of research and evaluation into a subject in the field of politic and international family members.

Ideas and Politics in Contemporary Britain

The purpose of this module is to explain and check the character and position of ideas and ideologies in British politics. It examines how and why the policies of the ‘mainstream’ British events (Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrats) had been laid low with ideas and ideologies, on the only hand, and via political pragmatism, on the alternative. 

It additionally explores the thoughts, ideologies and regulations of juvenile events and ‘new social actions’ (ecologism; fascism, Nazism and racism; feminism; multiculturalism, and nationalism) and their significance for the take a look at and practice of politics in Britain these days.

The War in Iraq

This module will comprehensively deconstruct the reasons, conduct and effects of one of the maximum arguable wars of the present day technology: the invasion and profession of Iraq. It will assess how the street to battle was paved on the United Nations and through the formulation of a ‘coalition of the willing’. It will then severely evaluate how the swiftly concluded invasion of Iraq and toppling of Saddam Hussein gave manner to a vicious insurgency.

The model of the USA military to the demands of counter-insurgency warfare may be analysed, as will British navy overall performance in southern Iraq. The module will end by way of severely assessing the effectiveness of the ‘surge’ method beneath the implementation of Gen. David Petraeus, and evaluating the software of ‘analogical reasoning’ via comparisons with the Vietnam War.  

Politics Placement

This module involves a element-time placement (in the future per week) in an external corporation, and is aimed toward developing palms-on work revel in and employability skills in a place of business applicable to students of politics. Pre-placement training will be provided thru three half-day workshops at the start of the module.

Each placement may be organized by means of the work placement officer. Placements could be provided via companies concerned in private, public and third quarter corporations, inclusive of the civil service, charities and political parties.

Departmental mentoring will take the form of a weekly drop-in academic with the module convenor, in which experiences are shared and paintings is undertaken on the evaluation tasks. Group displays will occur at some point of the very last 4 hour workshop, at which era each institution will severely replicate on their reports of the ethos and goals of their host business enterprise.

Democratic Backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe

This module research the politics of democratic backsliding in East and Central Europe. During the ultimate three many years the area of East and Central Europe has passed through a traditionally exceptional improvement of democratic transition from communism, the establishment and consolidation of democratic establishments, political events and birthday party systems, as well as the mixing into Western political, monetary and protection alliances, maximum substantially the European Union. Recent traits closer to democratic backsliding in the region have solid doubt on the achievement of put up-communist transformation.

This module focuses on the politics of democratic backsliding in East and Central Europe in the context of current debates surrounding the de-consolidation of democracy throughout the globe.

Political Challenges and Multiple Crises inside the Global Economy

The international financial system affords a extensive type of political demanding situations and might create multiple forms of disaster for states and the actors inside it. Most lately, the COVID-19 pandemic has positioned the complete device below strain and revealed its fragility.

This module analyses some of these challenges and crises, which variety from sovereign default to the worldwide unfastened trade gadget and the effect of weather trade, to assist us apprehend and provide an explanation for the international political financial system. It attracts on scholarship from the fields of worldwide members of the family principle, worldwide political economy, safety studies, and monetary history to offer students with a extra nuanced know-how of global politics.

Populism, Elites and Democracy

Populism is a contentious term. Over the last few a long time we’ve got witnessed a surge of ideologically various populist moves with sturdy democratically elected leaders acting in the call of ‘the humans’ throughout the globe. For a few, populism is intolerant, anti-pluralist and a chance to democracy; for others, it’s far the closing democratic act of popular sovereignty.

This module examines the arguable relationship among populism and democracy. It surveys key theoretical traits in democratic principle and the populist literature to examine mainstream and alternative definitions/conceptualisations of populism. The modules examines the complex dating of elites (‘the 1%’) – whether or not monetary, social or political – with regards to liberal democracy and the hundreds (‘the 99%’). It explores principles and activities key to the populist surge, consisting of ‘publish-fact’ politics, the polarisation of politics, the ‘friend/enemy’ relation, ‘us as opposed to them’ relation, ‘elites’, ‘democratic management’, ‘illustration’, the 2019 prorogation of the British Parliament, and ‘identity’.

You will have the opportunity to study a range of different revolutionary and regressive populist leaders/associations, which includes: Donald Trump, Vikor Orbán, Hugo Chávez, Brexit 2016, the United Kingdom preferred election 2019, the Yellow vests movement, the Danish People’s Party, Fidesz, the People’s Party, Occupy, Syriza, Podemos, Jobbik and Alternative for Germany.

China in Global Politics

China, as the brand new and upcoming superpower, has end up a focus of worldwide interest. This module introduces you to the predominant subjects in China’s interplay with the evolution of China’s overseas coverage for the reason that 1949 as well as its function within the worldwide political financial system.

The module will discover how domestic politics and other trends have contributed, on the one hand, to the upward thrust of China as a high-quality power of the first league and to the emergence of a 19th-century European-kind of nationalism, on the other.

Much of the module may be an examination of China’s political and economic family members with essential powers and areas consisting of the USA, Asia, the EU, the UK, Russia and Africa, the responses towards China from those powers and regions, and major troubles in their family members. This module may even survey China’s position in vital worldwide problem(s) in addition to the worldwide order and governance.

Responding to Violent Extremism

This module will bridge the space between instructional have a look at and pragmatic coverage. It will bear in mind how extremist thoughts come into politics thru extremist versions of ideology and faith, based totally on theories of outstanding writers inside the area.

It will recall political ideologies’ reliance on energy and the role of violence thru beyond case studies which include anarchism, Nazism and non secular extremism. The module may even study responses to terrorism using a case look at approach that explores the UK’s and United States of America’s techniques.

The Politics of Ethnic Conflict

Questions relating to nationalism and ethnic war have turn out to be greater outstanding in political debate for the reason that give up of the Cold War, and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan proven the continuing significance of constitutional crafting as a method to control ethnic range inside states. 

This module evaluates differing definitions of the ‘state’ and ‘ethnic group’, examines extraordinary country strategies to control variety together with multiculturalism, assimilation and integration, and considers unique explanations of struggle between distinct ethnic companies. 

It then examines in extra detail strategies adopted by means of unique states to manage their range. The countries of India, America, France, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, and Germany are centered upon, but students are encouraged to apply material referring to different nations if they have specific expertise of these instances.

Secret Intelligence and International Security

This module is an introduction to the concepts and practices of secret intelligence and its place inside worldwide protection. The module is cut up into three sections.

The first examines conceptual problems and fashions; the second explores a number of the jobs of intelligence in the 21st century; and the 1/3 examines how intelligence actors can actively form worldwide members of the family. These are distinctly applicable issues, which might be regularly within the media. 

The EU as a Global Power

Against the backdrop of increasingly worrying EU-US members of the family, Brexit, and growing nationalism in Europe, this module analyses the European Union’s worldwide position. It first introduces principles and decision-making strategies associated with EU overseas policy both, through Member States and EU institutions. In specific, we analyse the processes in the European Communities, and the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policies) / CSDP (Common Security and Defence Policies) frameworks.

The module then seriously assesses safety and economic regulations towards Africa, the Middle East and China. Themes to provide an explanation for the character of present day EU overseas rules encompass: European integration, intergovernmentalism and supranationalism, neoliberalism and ethical overseas coverage, improvement aid (along with for health and education) and international relations, submit-colonialism, as well as army and civilian way for warfare-management.

Gender and Political Representation

What does it imply to be represented in politics? This module makes use of gender as a prism via which to view intersectional debates on political representation. We ask what women’s representation is, what it looks like in political institutions, how gender norms form access to and participation in political institutions, why women’s illustration subjects for coverage effects, how it affects on social movements and balloting behaviour, and how it subjects in worldwide governance.

Our approach is broadly comparative, focussing on theories and case examples from each excessive-earnings nations in the Global North and occasional- and center-earnings international locations within the Global South. Our extensive choice of countries also permits us to don’t forget what role ladies’s participation could have in high-quality of governance and democracy. We understand that worldwide norm diffusion is prime to boosting women’s representation, from gender quotas and gender mainstreaming within the UN’s Beijing Platform for Action to the gender equality provisions within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and our discussions can also be of hobby to students of international family members. The module engages with various views and methodologies and will allow students to increase transferable capabilities in analytical literacy that may be applied throughout the social sciences.

Special Relationship? Anglo-American Security Relations

The Anglo-American so-known as ‘Special Relationship’ has provoked controversy for the reason that time period became coined after World War Two. To a few commentators it has represented an strive by means of the UK to cover its decline through lofty rhetoric and becoming the ‘poodle’ of a Superpower. To others, it has been a relationship that has served the pastimes of each countries and supplied a foundation for Western cooperation.

This module explores the salient aspects of a dating that has been built round safety, traditional and nuclear. On the only hand, it investigates areas of collaboration, inclusive of nuclear and intelligence sharing, wherein the US and the UK have labored closely together. On the opposite, it uncovers issues that have provoked anxiety among the two facets and it seeks to apprehend the intensity of these disagreements.

The first part of the module appears on the length of the Cold War, whilst each nations had been centered on the chance from the Soviet Union. The second a part of a part of the module looks at the put up-Cold War length and the way the connection has fared amidst america-led War on Terror and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Middle East and the World

This module covers:

Introduction – background history, empire and its importance, Sykes Picot

1910-20s – WW1 and Balfour Declaration

1930-40s inc. Palestine, WW2, beginning of the Cold War and creation of Israel

Cold War and the Middle East – Egypt and Suez, and Arab-Israel battle

Turkish records and politics – such as foreign policy

Nationalism – Kurdish and Pan-Arab

“Terrorism” – Iranian revolution, Iranian hostage disaster, Palestinian difficulty, Lebanon, Libya, plus the stop of the Cold War – USSR to Russia, Chechen wars x2, Arab-Israel once more. Islamic nation – religion/terrorism/nationalism nexus

1990s – First Gulf War and policing Iraq (which includes Iran-Iraq warfare 1980s). Authoritarianism as a legacy of the Cold War – Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya

2000s – Iraq War

2010s: The Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil battle

Legacy and contemporary troubles – Iran nuclear problem, Yemen, Saudi Arabia

Russia and Great Power Politics: From Lenin to Putin

“Russia is a Great Power or it’s miles not anything” – this belief has ruled Russian foreign policy questioning within the past because it does these days. The module develops an know-how of Russia’s international politics in historic attitude – from the October Revolution in 1917 until nowadays. Why is being a Great Power so vital to Moscow and the way a hit has the united states been in reaching and maintaining this popularity inside the international machine? What is Russia’s self-belief as an global actor and how does this evaluation with the united states of america’s global picture?

Within the framework of applicable theoretical techniques to the have a look at of global relations, the module will cognizance on a extensive range of historical occasions and tendencies so as to cause a better knowledge of Russia’s position within the international these days. Themes to be mentioned will consist of, amongst others:

Stalinism and Soviet foreign coverage

Gorbachev’s ‘New Thinking’

Military electricity and foreign policy

Russia and its neighbours

The annexation of the Crimea

Human rights and global family members

Disasters, Politics and Society

Disasters are described with the aid of the United Nations as ‘a extreme disruption of the functioning of a community or society related to great human, fabric, financial or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the capability of the affected network or society to deal with using its very own sources.’ The failure successfully to reconcile human behaviour with environmental threats has, at some stage in time and in distinct places, led to a couple of failures.

This module will study the relationship among herbal hazards and human society, how and why failures happen and how the effect of screw ups may be ameliorated. With connection with instances throughout the globe, there will be a focal point on how social existence has mitigated, adapted and developed in the face of environmental hazards.

We will observe the social, economic and technological methods that mediate the relationship among human society and the natural international. We will have a look at key themes which includes governance, technological innovation, urbanisation and migration, gender, lifestyle and identification, worldwide patterns of production and consumption, fitness and pandemics, race and class to understand why disasters effect on special human beings in unique approaches.

From Dictatorship to Democracy and Back?

At the sunrise of the 21st century, the fame of democracy the world over is uncertain. In Central and Eastern Europe, it has end up the simplest recreation in town, but in other areas like Russia or the Arab World it has suffered reversals. To make sense of these occasions, this module examines and is structured around a number of the huge, crucial questions which have lengthy interested political scientists around the questions of democracy.

What is democracy? Why are some countries democratic and others no longer? How did democracy emerge in one-of-a-kind countries? What distinction does democracy make for humans’s lives? The module adopts a global and comparative perspective, with the aid of that specialize in countries in particular areas and by means of studying distinct records-sets on the layout, functioning and impact of democratic institutions.

The International Politics of Human Rights

Why are some states higher at defensive, respecting, and gratifying their human rights obligations, while others aren’t? Understanding the situations underneath which governments protect human rights is crucial for the field of International Relations and policy makers alike. This module will speak cutting-edge research within and beyond the human rights field.

You will study autocratic kingdom behaviour, safeguards within democratic structures, the campaigns and challenges of NGOs and global firms, and the huge-ranging consequences of globalisation throughout the distinct classes and dimensions of human rights. The module will follow idea and empirical insights from those distinctive fields of inquiry with the intention to apprehend the relative protection and amusement of human rights throughout exceptional united states of america contexts.

By the quit of the module, you’ll have a clear information about human rights studies and its results at the actual world.

Advanced Macroeconomics

This module covers:

dynamic fashionable equilibrium models, specializing in how the time route of consumption, and saving, is determined with the aid of optimising sellers and companies that engage on competitive markets

increase in dynamic preferred equilibrium, focusing at the Solow version and the facts, and the function performed via accumulation of information (endogenous innovation) in explaining longer term growth

Real Business Cycles (RBC), that specialize in how the RBC technique money owed for enterprise cycle fluctuations, and what links quick run fluctuations and boom strategies

Advanced Development Economics

This module adopts a vast focus on elements influencing growth and improvement, concentrating on center economic coverage regions and the function of global organisations.

Topics protected include macroeconomic rules, particularly alternate fees and the function of the IMF; useful resource policy and the World Bank, results of useful resource on growth, macroeconomic and financial coverage, and poverty; alternate policy and performance and the WTO; monetary reforms and increase stories in East Asia, China and Africa; human development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Advanced International Trade I

This module looks at:

exchange policy

economic coverage for trade and international component mobility

principle and proof

exchange coverage and imperfect opposition

change and distortions

the political economic system of safety

exchange coverage reform

Advanced Financial Economics

This module covers:

saving, focusing on how dealers make intertemporal selections approximately their financial savings and wealth accumulation

saving puzzles and household portfolios, specializing in credit score markets and credit score markets’ imperfections, and why do households maintain different styles of belongings

asset allocation and asset pricing, focusing on intertemporal portfolio selection, asset pricing and the equity top rate puzzle

bond markets and fixed earnings securities

the time period shape of hobby rates

the function of behavioural finance in explaining stock marketplace puzzles

Advanced Labour Economics

This module covers an monetary evaluation of the labour marketplace, with an emphasis on policy implications and institutional arrangements.

Advanced Monetary Economics

This module presents a rigorous introduction to formal fashions of money within the macroeconomy. Following this, applications for areas of crucial banking, finance and global macroeconomics may be explored.

Advanced Microeconomics

This module will cowl subjects in advanced microeconomics and decision idea. The precise content material might also range from year to yr, however the module will start from the premise set up through the Microeconomic Theory module.

Advanced Industrial Economics

This module offers a complicated financial evaluation of the concept of corporation of corporations and industries. It will analyse a whole lot of marketplace systems associated with the degree of marketplace opposition with a special emphasis on imperfectly aggressive markets. It may even examine problems related to the internal organisation of firms.

Advanced Experimental and Behavioural Economics

This module discusses factors of some of the primary sub-regions of experimental and behavioural economics. This consists of packages associated with character decision-making, strategic behaviour and market behaviour.

The module encourages mirrored image on each the role of experiments in economics and the assumptions that economics does (and should) make approximately people’s motivations. Both experimental economics and behavioural economics are still relatively new fields in the wider field.

The module considers their ability and primary achievements, relative to greater traditional economic techniques. It encourages improvement of essential talents and mirrored image on specific research contributions in experimental and behavioural economics.

Advanced Political Economy

This module covers: 


The rational political person?

Voter participation

Collective movement and the position of the kingdom

Core Political Economy:

The monetary approach to politics

Political aspects of economics: rights and the boundaries of the state

Political components of economics: inequality and the duties of the nation

Political Economy in Action:

Political economic system in motion: a few present day troubles in political economy

Microeconometric Methods

This module makes a speciality of a range of econometric strategies utilized in coverage assessment and within the identity and estimation of causal outcomes. Topics to be covered include:

capacity outcomes framework

regression analysis and matching

instrumental variables


regression discontinuity

Economic Policy Analysis I and II

This module will introduce you to monetary policy analysis.The first a part of the module will awareness on the position played by using unique institutional regulations in shaping the behaviour of elected governments through imparting incentives to elected governments.

The second part will cowl submit-crisis economic coverage; controlling money markets with excess reserves; spillovers of QE; consequences of QE on asset and credit score markets; low real equilibrium hobby quotes; uncertainty in monetary policy.

Advanced International Trade II

This module covers:

models of intra-industry trade

alternate policy in oligopolistic industries

multinational establishments

trying out change theories

the WTO and “new problems”

International Money and Macroeconomics

This module will provide an creation to global monetary problems, together with the dedication of trade rates and worldwide spill-over consequences. 

Advanced Mathematical Economics

This module is intended to provide an advent to mathematical techniques used in economics. In precise, examples of financial troubles that can be analysed the use of mathematical models will be mentioned in element.

Particular attention may be given to providing an intuitive information of the logic in the back of the formal results offered.

Economic Policy Analysis II

This module will cover post-crisis monetary coverage; controlling cash markets with excess reserves; spill-overs of QE; consequences of QE on asset and credit score markets; low actual equilibrium hobby quotes; uncertainty in financial policy.

The above is a pattern of the typical modules we offer however is not intended to be construed and/or relied upon as a definitive list of the modules with a view to be available in any given yr. Modules (together with methods of evaluation) might also alternate or be updated, or modules may be cancelled, over the period of the route due to a number of motives together with curriculum traits or staffing adjustments. Please confer with the module catalogue for data on available modules. This content was closing updated on