From the office crab to the again-stabber to the workplace princess and sycophant, we’ve all had to deal at some degree with workplace politics. During this high strength (and funny) workshop, you’ll find out about the significance of knowing the political game.

Office-Politics Game Workshop at Canadian Education Convention Toronto 2015

Franke James, Founder of, may be supporting administrative experts play the workplace-politics recreation on the Canadian Education Convention in Toronto on May 21, 2015. In this interactive position-playing game, the target market will be divided into tables of 6-eight human beings. Each workshop is three hours. (If you are interested by playing the office-politics game at your subsequent corporate occasion please touch “ceo at” for costs and fees.)

Why play the Office-Politics Game? 

“Office politics” are the strategies people use to advantage benefit for themselves or to assist a purpose. The term’s terrible connotation derives from the reality that on occasion human beings are trying to find gain on the expense of others or the more good. Negative politicking regularly adversely impacts the working surroundings and the relationships within it. Good politicking, on the other hand, facilitates you pretty promote your self and your reason in a context of networking and stakeholder control.

During this excessive electricity workshop, you’ll analyze the significance of understanding the political sport. You’ll be analyzing electricity, assessing the business enterprise’s excellent hobbies and placing yourself inside the other character’s shoes. You’ll be growing key competencies to navigate the land-mines of office politics and the way to spot hassle before it hits the the front page of the news.

While a number of the game dilemmas can be humorous, the impact of ignoring workplace politics can smash groups, careers and lives. This workshop will help you exercise your ethical muscle mass and better understand the policies/behaviours that are the inspiration of a wonderful, healthful and productive surroundings.

What are the advantages of the Office-Politics Game Workshop?

Team Building:

Build believe via higher knowledge of each other.

Enhance Communication:

Workshop gets humans speakme about office politics and the way to manage it.

Exercise Ethical Muscles:

Lets human beings beef up their ethical muscle mass by role-playing ethical selections.

Appreciating Roles:

Gets people speaking approximately roles and obligations.

Raise Awareness:

Workshop raises focus of the opposite character’s feelings which could growth empathy.

Understand Culture and Fit:

Gets people thinking about subculture and the significance of fitting in.

The Office-Politics Game Workshop is based on the award-prevailing e-book, Dear Office-Politics by way of Franke James. Franke brings 20 years of commercial enterprise enjoy to her position as an adviser on “Many humans want to pretend that office-politics doesn’t exist. But the fact is you can’t duck it. It crosses all borders and seeps into all cultures. It is everywhere. You want to learn to play the sport.”

The quandary-primarily based social game teaches you the way to play (and giggle at) office politics. In March 2010, it gained a bronze Axiom Business Book Award in HR/Training. The moral dilemmas are actual letters that had been submitted to since it changed into founded in 2002.

Dear Office-Politics we could YOU be an Office Politics Adviser and provide your first-rate, sage advice. And then it turns the tables, and puts you into the position of Advice-seeker! How does the advice measure up? Well, the Advice-seeker each round is the final choose, however you may also peek in the back of the e book to peer how the real Office-Politics Advisers replied.

“Even though a few groups are much less political than others, none have repealed the legal guidelines of human nature. Even within the Girls Scouts of America, we pay attention there are masses of politics. If there aren’t any politics, test the human beings’s pulse in your business enterprise considering they’re probably useless!” Rick Brandon, PhD, Advisor,

Book The Office-Politics Game Workshop:

Play the office-politics sport at your next company event. Contact Franke James, “ceo at” for costs and prices. See excerpts from the Office Politics Game workshop presentation.

I am nonetheless quite terrified I will no longer in shape in

Dear Office-Politics,

I’m a latest university graduate and feature never genuinely been very good at playing the office politics recreation. Sadly, I have already hadpositions in the past yr and the problems I ran across at each corporations were politically-associated. I don’t care about being the popular man or woman, the department poster baby, or the largest and brightest (though I’m positive so that it will come finally).

Right now, I’m just trying to discover ways to apply my college education, get together with people, and develop right into a role wherein I can become the largest and brightest. I am very frustrated even though as I were very a lot underestimated in my past positions within the form of now not being given whatever to develop with, but once I’m not given the ones matters, coworkers generally tend to increase the belief that I am now not able to the task due to the fact I’m now not operating on it. Even when I did ask for tasks or tasks to be on, I became advised there’s not anything for me (although there’s sure plenty for anybody else!). So, I can’t get the understanding with out the paintings, however can’t get the work with out the information. The past companies have treated proprietary software program, so there have been no Internet sources to reach out to and documentation (if there was any) become very old. I become permit go as my frustration manifested itself in the form of open boredom.

I now have a new position I’m beginning in a couple of weeks that I’m without a doubt very enthusiastic about.

Create a Circle of Eyes to Fight Back

When Ellen Roseman, writer and client-recommend columnist for The Toronto Star, invited me to make contributions to her new ebook, Fight Back, I changed into extremely joyful. As you’ll read in my excerpted article beneath, Ellen turned into an instrumental pair of “eyes” in helping me combat lower back — and win!

I WAS FIGHTING A COMPANY over the faulty installation of a gasoline furnace and ductwork, which had caused important structural harm to our home. I desired them to pay for repairs. The agency had deep wallet and no fear of going to court. Its legal professional said in a surly email, “Go in advance. Sue us.”

Going to court docket should have amounted to economic suicide for our circle of relatives, or not less than, complication. There was no way I wanted to fight this battle in courtroom, or maybe in an arbitration listening to… Read extra…

The New Guy I Hired is Hated…

Dear Office Politics,

I currently acquired a promoting and employed my replacement; but, all and sundry who now reports to him hates him. He is a totally talented manager of work, however lacks air of mystery and wishes to improve on his humans abilities. We have lost a couple of suitable humans due to his arrival, and loads of different changes within the enterprise. I am running hard to assist this supervisor increase but while do I give up for the sake of the group?

Please help.


Leadership Lessons from Katrina for Hurricane Sandy Survivors

Hurricane Sandy, 30/10/12: Flooded Avenue C at East sixth Street in Manhattan’s East Village; Photo David Shankbone

Three Leadership Lessons from Katrina to Help Hurricane Sandy Survivors

By Office-Politics Adviser, Dr. Greg Ketchum

Like each person else I’ve been watching the news insurance of Hurricane Sandy. As I’ve watched the photos of devastation I’ve determined myself experiencing bright flashbacks of my time being trapped in New Orleans at some point of Hurricane Katrina. The leader emotions those photographs have evoked in me are anger, frustration, and even rage at the big failures of management that befell for the duration of Katrina.

Some of the struggling I skilled for the duration of Katrina might have been prevented had I carried out one simple issue; taken on obligation and management to get myself out of New Orleans as opposed to depending on authority figures to do it for me. I waited for governments, disaster remedy businesses, and the countrywide defend to arrive like the cavalry using over …

Millennial eye rollers are grumbling

Dear Office-Politics,

I have been requested to control a few coworkers on an ongoing reporting challenge that in all fairness low scale inside the priority of our department. These coworkers are younger, more moderen, and nevertheless mastering the ropes, and I’ve been at this business enterprise for seven years.

Part of the trouble is our work environment, that’s generally tightly managed and can be discouraging, and those beginners whinge often about being micromanaged through our boss. I want to be flexible and encourage them to experience the task. When I advise they take on a assignment they showed a few hobby in, or just encourage them to (gasp) genuinely take part in the challenge, I are becoming no reply, or some eye rolling, and/or have overheard conversations about moi like “he need to have simply assigned blah blah to do blah blah.” I actually have tried to delegate a l.a. “Ok, Suzy, why don’t you tackle the blabbity blah?” and get … the equal response. I supply them deadlines and hints to keep them privy to what we want to do and the way.

Gossip gone wild: why being a gossip limits your career

“I made a remark about a coworker that I know I shouldn’t have and now I think it’s going to bite me in the butt. I observed that certainly one of my coworkers leaves for lunch ordinary and then comes lower back and eats his lunch at his table… How should I play this?”

Office-Politics Founder Franke James responds

Dear Hot Water,

Your last line “How should I play this?” is where I’m going to start. I experience out of your question, which you see workplace politics as a recreation – and which you’d like so one can play it to your benefit. So that’s wherein I’ll focus my recommendation. Not incredibly (for the reason that I’m the writer of the sport-book, DearOffice-Politics) I like to view office politics as a sport. And similar to all video games, this one has regulations (frequently unwritten), techniques, power plays, opposing groups, a scoreboard, and in the end winners and losers.

But as in sports, you don’t want to play dirty to win. You can pick out to play pretty. I agree with that political talents are an crucial existence talent that will let you impact human beings, make alternate manifest, promote your good ideas, and circulate right into a role of energy so that you can do the proper issue.