How Must A Christian View Politics?



If there may be something in order to spark a spontaneous debate, if now not an outright argument, it’s miles a discussion related to politics—even among believers. As fans of Christ, what have to be our attitude and our involvement with politics? It has been stated that “faith and politics don’t blend.” But is that truly true? Can we have affairs of state outdoor the concerns of our Christian religion? The solution isn’t any, we can not. The Bible offers us two truths concerning our stance in the direction of politics and government.

The first truth is that the desire of God permeates and supersedes every element of existence. It is God’s will that takes precedence over the entirety and each person (Matthew 6:33). God’s plans and purposes are constant, and His will is inviolable. What He has purposed, He will bring to skip, and no government can thwart His will (Daniel 4:34-35). In fact, it is God who “units up kings and deposes them” (Daniel 2:21) due to the fact “the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to everybody he desires” (Daniel four:17). A clean information of this truth will help us to peer that politics is merely a method God makes use of to perform His will. Even although evil guys abuse their political energy, that means it for evil, God means it for correct, working “all things collectively for the coolest of folks who love him, who have been called in keeping with his motive” (Romans 8:28).

Second, we ought to hold close the reality that our government can’t shop us! Only God can. We in no way examine in the New Testament of Jesus or any of the apostles expending any time or power training believers on a way to reform the pagan international of its idolatrous, immoral, and corrupt practices thru the authorities. The apostles by no means known as for believers to illustrate civil disobedience to protest the Roman Empire’s unjust legal guidelines or brutal schemes. Instead, the apostles commanded the first-century Christians, as well as us today, to proclaim the gospel and stay lives that supply clean proof to the gospel’s remodeling electricity.

There is not any doubt that our duty to authorities is to obey the legal guidelines and be top citizens (Romans 13:1–2). God has hooked up all authority, and He does so for our gain, “to commend those who do proper” (1 Peter 2:thirteen–15). Paul tells us in Romans thirteen:1–8 that it’s far the government’s obligation to rule in authority over us—with a bit of luck for our excellent—to acquire taxes, and to hold the peace. Where we’ve a voice and may choose our leaders, we have to exercising that right by voting for those who nice show Christian principles.

One of Satan’s grandest deceptions is that we can relaxation our hope for cultural morality and godly residing in politicians and governmental officers. A nation’s wish for alternate is not to be found in any usa’s ruling class. The church has made a mistake if it thinks that it’s miles the job of politicians to protect, to improve, and to protect biblical truths and Christian values.

The church’s particular, God-given cause does no longer lie in political activism. Nowhere in Scripture do we have the directive to spend our electricity, our time, or our cash in governmental affairs. Our task lies not in changing the kingdom through political reform, but in converting hearts through the Word of God. When believers think the boom and have an impact on of Christ can by some means be allied with authorities policy, they corrupt the mission of the church. Our Christian mandate is to spread the gospel of Christ and to evangelise against the sins of our time. Only because the hearts of people in a way of life are changed by Christ will the way of life start to replicate that exchange.

Believers at some point of the ages have lived, and even flourished, beneath opposed, repressive, pagan governments. This become mainly true of the primary-century believers who, below merciless political regimes, sustained their faith beneath substantial cultural stress. They understood that it become they, now not their governments, who had been the mild of the arena and the salt of the earth. They adhered to Paul’s coaching to obey their governing authorities, even to honor, recognize, and pray for them (Romans thirteen:1-8). More importantly, they understood that, as believers, their desire resided inside the protection that simplest God supplies. The equal holds authentic for us nowadays. When we comply with the lessons of the Scriptures, we come to be the mild of the arena as God has intended for us to be (Matthew 5:16).

Political entities aren’t the savior of the arena. The salvation for all mankind has been manifested in Jesus Christ. God knew that our world wanted saving long before any country wide authorities was ever based. He tested to the world that redemption could not be achieved through the power of man, economic electricity, navy might, or politics. Peace of thoughts, contentment, desire, and joy—and the salvation of mankind—are supplied handiest through Jesus’ dying and resurrection.

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How ought to a Christian view politics?

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