How Does Generation Impact Politics?


We’re going to take a deep dive into three essential ways technology affects the political landscape.

There are quite a few warm button political topics obtainable. However, some are so deeply rooted in political discourse that they not handiest show up as a hot subject matter on the marketing campaign trail, but effect the machinations behind the curtain, or even the manner that we, as personal citizens, view politics and consume political facts. Technology performs a chief function in shaping the political landscape. In this blog put up, we’re going to take a deep dive into 3 primary methods generation affects politics– as a tool for political actors on the marketing campaign path, as an frequently divisive political topic and as a ability landmine that could upend political aspirations.

Technology as a Tool for Political Actors

Perhaps the most obvious way that technology impacts politics is as a tool for political actors inclusive of politicians, governments and other groups to better become aware of, engage with and rally individuals of the public to their purpose, in addition to broadcast political messaging. We see this in action every time we watch a marketing campaign commercial on TV, see a political advert on Facebook or acquire a flyer inside the mail.

Two of the maximum powerful strategies for using era as a tool consist of information series and using digital media. For example, Barack Obama famously rose to the President of the US in big component thanks to a innovative and remarkable effort at collecting granular records about the demographics and vote casting styles of key voters all around the United States. Data series has constantly been a key aspect of political and statistics campaigns, but President Obama’s capitulation delivered the capacity for the country of statistics series to the leading edge of national attention. 

In the following years, such centered and granular facts series – approximately the whole thing from beyond balloting conduct to family income to net browsing patterns – has grow to be an vital a part of any modern-day (and a hit) political marketing campaign. The facts is used to create advertising and marketing campaigns to broadcast political messages, domesticate donor relationships to solicit extra donations, as well as identify and help new electorate with getting to the polls.

Along those equal traces, some other manner that technology impacts politics is greater subtle: in setting up authenticity with certain voting blocs. For example, Beto O’Rourke has built a presidential campaign on the radical use of social media. Whether he’s sharing a video of himself chowing down on local delicacies all through a campaign stop or vlogging his thoughts about the pains of being on the street, O’Rourke is hoping that his significant dependence on era will resonate with millennial citizens who frequently spend their time in similar approaches.  

Technology as a Political Topic and Campaign Platform 

More controversially, most political applicants and many political groups have robust stances on many topics that should do with era, consisting of information privacy. Many politicians (and members of the public) sense strongly approximately securing the rights of individuals to privacy. The “proper to be forgotten” has come to be nearly a family time period, and in some political circles, which include the Libertarian Party, this right is as important to private liberty as freedom of speech.

Another related subject matter is equitable access to generation. Many regions of the arena, even in a few surprisingly evolved international locations consisting of the US, lack get right of entry to to high-speed internet and this inequity begets extra inequity. Access to excessive-velocity net can play a first-rate position in alleviating many social troubles, including academic and fitness disparities. Disruptive instructional structures, which includes Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), in addition to modern fitness technology, inclusive of telehealth and fitness apps, are frequently completely inaccessible to the regions of the arena that would benefit most from them. 

Residents of primary and mid-sized towns often take access to excessive-speed internet for granted, even anticipating it in maximum public locations, which includes libraries, colleges, parks and downtown plazas. But just an hour outside of a small town, broadband can be difficult to find, frequently limiting citizens’ opportunities. It’s not uncommon for senators from states which includes Wyoming or Iowa, who have huge impact on Capital Hill due to the small range of Senate individuals, to prioritize their constituents’ access to broadband net in their campaigns.

Finally, another political hot topic is the regulation of principal tech companies who are growing more and more effective. It’s not tough to argue that groups including Google, Facebook, Amazon or Apple are more powerful than many nations inside the international, and so the interest of those entities is also a commonplace topic at the marketing campaign trail. In March, President Trump blocked the purchase of tech infrastructure massive Qualcomm with the aid of Broadcomm, citing national security. This become a arguable flow, even to a few individuals of his very own political party, who deemed such regulatory actions to be destructive to economic boom.

Technology as a Tool for the Public 

Politicians and political groups aren’t the most effective ones that make use of generation to shape politics. The rise of digital structures, in particular social media, has given non-public residents the equipment to have an effect on political alternate on a degree like in no way earlier than. For instance, many specialists largely credit the takedown of political strongmen all over the Middle East at some point of the Arab Spring of 2011 to the electricity of social media and chat apps, together with WhatsApp, that empowered residents to quick organize and broadcast their message around the world. Facebook and Vine motion pictures of protests and police brutality went viral and had been broadcast on international media shops, inclusive of CNN and BBC.

Another manner that technology affects politics for the higher is through a greater debatable, however nevertheless effective, method: exposing unethical or unlawful conduct. For instance, the “path” that digital media leaves at the back of brought about the downfall of Anthony Weiner, once a shining big name within the Democratic Party, who became conducting inappropriate behavior on Snapchat with a minor.

Technology as a Double-Edged Sword

As any IT supervisor knows, the same advancements in technology that allow us to paintings and play in approaches like by no means earlier than also permit nefarious actors to purpose disruption or harm like in no way before. While some hackers spend limitless hours trying to get entry to private or economic facts, many are committed to  disrupting the political global. These efforts regularly go beyond easy hacking for the sake of hacking. For instance, the hacktivist agency Anonymous is dedicated to exposing touchy political and governmental facts to the gain of the public. 

Along comparable lines, however with a more venture-targeted bent, is the arrival of “faux news,” a time period coined for the duration of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Fake news is media written and published normally with the motive to deceive, if you want to harm an entity or individual, or to benefit financially or politically. Fake information frequently utilizes sensationalist, dishonest or outright fabricated headlines to increase readership. The internet has given fake news an extraordinary platform for distribution. Whenever you are browsing the internet and see an outrageous headline in a sidebar, you’re likely seeing clickbait, which is earning revenue from dispensing faux information. 

Politics and Open Source

We’ve explored many elements approximately the intersection of era and politics. The one component that each one of these subjects have in commonplace is passion. Citizens have strong reviews about the position of generation in our lives, so it’s no marvel that political actors and organizations incorporate it into their marketing campaign techniques and systems hence. This identical ardour approximately the role of technology comes into play at Acquia, thanks to our sturdy commitment to the open supply network, which is built on a philosophy of collaboration, get admission to, variety, and egalitarianism. 

While it’s miles not going that the nominees for the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election will stake their campaign on an difficulty regarding open supply software program, it’s miles very probably that they will have stances on troubles associated with Acquia’s platform and mission, and a number of which may additionally event effect our work. These might be somewhat mundane, specializing in highbrow belongings legal guidelines or taxes. Alternatively, they may be very arguable, like net neutrality or diversity inside the workplace, both of which are issues that live within the same technological and ethical fault-traces from which the open source community was borne.


Technology and politics have constantly been linked, dating as far lower back as the Industrial Revolution, which led to some of the most seminal issues in American records, such as hard work protections. But in current years, they have turn out to be more or much less inseparable. You can’t interact in politics without accomplishing technology, and you may’t use generation – whether or not you’re a tech visionary, client of digital media, or avid Tweeter – without undertaking politics.